Yesterday I was downloading stuff on my laptop but I think I clicked on one of those malicious links and my laptop is not the same anymore. There are huge ads that occupy almost half of the screen, I can not access xvideos for my research purposes, the laptop is generally very slow, when I search anything on google I get results from Kenya only and lastly my access to KLOST is in jeopardy because of these problems… What can I do?

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HOYA alert!

@Electronics4u , HOYA in full ni nini ??

hizi ni gani?!

Hii yako inakaa ni hekaya but pia you can system restore to an earlier date that is before the said problem came on board and that will reverse whatever settings ama downloads you made.

‘Stuff’ is another word for ‘porn’??

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research purposes nazo !!!


Scan the system with an up to date Antivirus software, or do the system restore as advised above.

@Deorro saidia mjamaa.

i feel you bro…almost lost my ‘research database’ the other day.close call but luckily i managed to retrieve all the crucial data[ATTACH=full]5547[/ATTACH]

Aki woishe :frowning: nini hizi sasa … u need Jesus :smiley:

Io system restore I want you to explain it to me like a 2 year old… Na @Purr_27 naona amecomment apa so niekwe VILLAGE ELDER ASAP!!

Don’t do a system restore. You comp got infected with an adware. Antivirus scan wont help either. To remove the adware download Adw cleaner, install it then scan your comp using it. Remove everything that it recommends to be removed. N then your pc will be back to kawa mode. Next time dont install addons kama hujui ni ya nini

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Don’t uninstall your browser juu inabaki kwa files zile hubaki.

Link ya Adw

Heeheh… “research purposes” on Xvideos

Go to your programs installer and uninstall any new shady programs. Dont jump into reinstalling you computer OS quickly. You installed malicious adware. You most likely mistook the adware for genuine software. Its hard to tell apart. Some adware installed on your computer determines the websites you visit most by reading your browser log and cache, so when you visit that website the adware puts up adverts as if they are on the website but in reality they are local on your computer. If you click the ads you end up installing more adware or you open some really stupid sites doing porn or gambling.

Dont install software from porn sites, gambling sites, crystalball reading sites, ouija board reading sites, accupuncture & accupressure sites, magical medicine sites, magical six figure job sites, magical fitness sites, easy win lottery sites, SEO sites, and other shady websites. The software will take over your computer.

Either this or @Deorro 's solution will help

So XVIDEOS and KTALK are your favourite sites.


Thanks for your solutions guys my laptop is working as before… Now I will be able to enjoy KTALK and give you more HEKAYA and my research on XVIDEOS is in course!!

Its purely medical research…as you can clearly see “Kate England Helps Brother With Viagra Problem”. Maybe this Kate England is a trained biologist? Or her brother has misplaced the shipment of viagra?


Unatafuta G-Spot?

I once saw a guy removing computer viruses using a combination of an Antivirus and Command Prompt. Is there really a way of deleting viruses using command prompt?