Help please

Hi villagers ,which department in the city council that deals with stray dogs or is thea anyone who got some digits i can get help from in eradicating these dogs ??.. mimi iko side mbaya sana :mad:

wachana na City Council…Visit a Government Office near you…(divisional or district ) and report the menace…

There’s an animal rights organization that takes care of such menaces, i saw a case where a similar situation had occurred where even some dogs had rabies.They came and put the animals down using lethal injections.

leo piga maraoundi uende kwa kambi ya city council… you should be helped there

nunua nyama kilo moja. Cut into pieces and mix with Rat poison…pass where those dogs are na usitupie. Thank me later

tafuta about 10 chinese nationals, host them for about one month. thank me later



Boss, thenx i’ve talked to the chief …