One day I was in a Matatu and on the radio a lady called in to say that she could meet a man and then five minutes later be banging his brains out. I recognized this feeling! I can sense the judgment from you. But you know what? I don’t care.
But I don’t actually sleep around with just anyone. I am in a monogamous relationship so I only have sex with my boyfriend. But like that woman on the radio, I am horny all the time.

At times the slightest thing sets me off – cologne or a simple smile. I liked it initially but now, I am kind of worried I may have a condition like nymphomania or something. I recently went online and saw another condition called ‘persistent genital arousal disorder’. I’m scared. Could I have that?"
My boyfriend used to love the fact that I was always willing to have sex with him anywhere and anyhow. It was amazing when we first slept together. But soon, he just said frankly that he couldn’t keep up with my sex drive. Initially I thought I was ovulating, because it used to be the case that I would get more aroused around that time. But that was obviously not the only source of my horniness.

So I got myself sex toys to complement my boyfriend. And at times we use them together, so he doesn’t feel left out.
But nothing seems to work. It has gotten so bad over the years, that at times I carry sex toys to work and jack off in the bathroom. I can barely concentrate on anything and when I’m doing boring things like watching news, washing clothes, or cooking, I just want to have sex.

Occasionally I feel afraid of myself. I have spoken to my boyfriend about it and he asked me to see a counselor or some other specialist. I did and it didn’t go well. I was told that I have a lack of self control and I should stop watching pornography. But I don’t even watch porn or look at X-rated magazines. Nothing! I even forward sex scenes in movies because I am afraid it will make things worse.
Since masturbation isn’t working and I’m tiring out my boyfriend, I tried sports. My friend recommended it. She said it will help shift my mind to other things. I took up swimming. I swim an hour a day, five times a week. So far it has helped somewhat, but not completely. About two hours after my swim, I am locked behind doors with my sex toys.

I am so afraid of myself now. It is making things weird for me and my boyfriend, and I don’t want to feel like this anymore. I want to go back to being normal. This can’t be normal.
[SIZE=6]Any one in such a situation?[/SIZE]

Nipate inbox, I have a solution for you.


And others who have same problem also to inbox you?
You want to rape me?

Ehee, HOYA inductee, pokea zawadi [ATTACH=full]10052[/ATTACH]


Be original.You are welcome.


Hold on!!! a minute!!! ATI!!! ( you got yourself sex toys to complement your boyfriend. And at times you use them together, so he doesn’t feel left out):eek:o_O:rolleyes:


heheheheh she copied mpaka the font color…:D:D:D:D
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NKT…Kumbe ni copy paste…Graduate :eek:


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They never learn! Always reminded to indicate the source of their stories but they don’t! Thank you for busting her/him!


@MBOMB = NSIS…Good job bruh

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@spax - am afraid the problem you have is not horniness…guess it has to with wanting to draw some attention to yourself…

Read @MBOMB reply before u offer a helping hand…pple shud learn to read replies b4 replying

wapi video ya the chiq who cums every every ten minutes as shw goes on her daily hussle

people should learn to understand comments before rushing to patronize others. And, no, I don’t need to take your advise, I had already read the comment…



Keep it real nigger, attention won’t pay your bills.

@MBOMB did I indicate that it was me with that problem. I posted so that anyone with that kind of problem can be well adviced.
But since wewe ni wale wazee mavi ya kuku i dont blame you. Farasi ya Ngong wewe