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Asking for a friend…
Team FTA sijui nini bado mko? my pal shifted to this apartment whereby there is dstv but the caretaker is the one who controls the channels. she is using gotv at the moment. she was asking if buying a dstv decoder will enable her control all the channels or what can she do?.. caretaker is a masai with no idea about the issue lol

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she is using gotv at the moment



what does she want to watch?
Does she want FTA or paid tv service eg ZUKU,DSTV Please dont mention GoTv again.

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Kwani whats wrong with Gotv?

Blonde season …

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There’s a gadget that’s supposed to be incorporated into the wiring, I’d posted the pic juzi in another FTA thread, that’s supposed to enable one to control what they watch simply by switching channels on a remote. Problem is most installers cut corners and landlords are none the wiser.


If that ain’t there, I highly doubt whether buying her own decoder will sort her woes, unless that provision was already catered for in the cabling.

This must be the backbone of dstv mwitu, right?

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No idea. I’ve seen it used in hotels where in the privacy of your room you don’t have to call the reception to change channels.

It’s a legit product. How people use it is however an entirely different story. D**v mwitu ile nimewahi sikia ni ya kutumia CS.

Si kuna watu hapa professionnals wa tv.

Nimefunga leso na nimeweka stool vizuri.

Hebu tusimulie.

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Sorry, no one will EVER discuss CS in a public forum. Search the Internet for key-words such as ‘card sharing’ or ‘internet key sharing’ (IKS) to feed your intellectual curiosity. However, IMO, it’s not worth going to the trouble of actualizing the set-up.


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Between you, your friend and the masai, who is more masai. By virtue of your asking here on behalf of ua friend, i see two ignorant masais and one genuine masai who is watching what he wants


he watches what he wants like a boss

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If she/he is able to buy a dstv decoder, why bother with the landlord or Maasai, simply pay for a bouquet of their choice and voila, problem solved.

Nimesoma, but I can’t visualize the setup. I shall continue researching.

That’s a start. Common STBs you’ll see mentioned will include X-Master, Q-Sat, etc. Lakini they’re often the shortest route to getting a heart attack.

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Sema tu ni wewe.

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Well, I am just trying to satisfy my curiosity. Unless it proves interesting enough, I don’t plan to implement. But for sure, it can be used as basis for increasing rent for a flat.