Help needed migration from windows to linux (debian 9)

I got a problem. since mnajua venye windows hukuja kila mara na updates zingine wazimu, zenye hazina maana. so these updates zimekula my 120gb ssd hadi sina any space, somebody can let me know venye naweza delete hii OS ya ujinga
secondly @derro kuna venye nimekua niki access server ya job using putty just to run simple commands. kuna any program wewe hutumia ku access server when you not near, may for accessing files. our server is on another building so hii mambo ya kutembea hadi uko inanibore when i want make major changes

Tumia Windows patch cleaner to delete or move those Windows installer files . Link ndio hio.

@MBOMB wazi mzito

Just files? You can get them on a external drive and then copy them back. Any other software or program won’t work on Linux since of the file system. Windows uses .exe which is a foreign concept to Linux.
Anyway, karibu Linux. May be daunting for a windows user to migrate to Linux, but it’s the best if you love using the terminal

As for the server, you have completely lost me!
You want to tell me that you can actually physically access the server? Your admin should be fired and blacklisted from ever calling himself one. That is security level 1, thou shall not touch the server or even see it.
If properly set, you should be able to work on files on the server or store the files from remote locations. Your Access Control Lists should help with this.
In fact, you don’t even need to change your OS , if you have server, you should be imaging from the server. That limits the updates that the clients get.
In short, your admin should up his game. He might be one of those that get the job and that’s it, they concentrate on virus removal

Changing OSs because of updates hehe…okay.

Simplest thing I would do, is to disable updates permanently using group policy.

Anyway wewe endelea basi.

But keep your Windows installation media safe 'cos you will be looking for it in the not too distant future.

Use NoMachine to access the server…Debian on a laptop??? have use linux for 9years…I always run back to ubuntu and Kali…

am tired with windows. i want to explore hii maneno ya kila mara updates. Again want to gain more knowledge in linux terminal nisikue nimezoea GUI saana

you use putty or what?

I use putty for my router management