Help needed here

There is this chik who I dry fried and akapata ball unfortunately. I learnt the news and nikatoa doo za kuterminate but she instead used the cash for other purposes.
making long story short, alizaa that is November last year and nikasema haidhuru nitalea the child. A month later she went missing, not picking my calls, unreplied texts. I was worried about the baby.upto now sijui if the baby is still alive and the girl alihama where aliishi.
ni mimi niko na kiherehere ya kutafutana na mtoi ama I should try reach out.
Advice needed

wewe ulitoanishwa bro hakuna mtoto kwa mix.

Take care of your DNA. Or you leave it out there for another man to abuse as he wishes. When your baby mamas boyfriend gets mad at her, it’s the kid he kanyagas a tekeh when she’s not looking.

Hakuna mtoto or u aint the father, halafu jifunze ku pull out ngombe ya zebu hii

wewe ndio wale watu ambao hutakii watu mema. ghasia

I am a pro in pulling out

@mr. daddy (rightfully) does she have any friends or relatives that you know of ama ilikuwa roadkill?

Bitches be nothing but tricks and hoes

Umemkosa fb, twitter, whatsapp, insta, kwa simu na text pia. Dude, si ukamtafute kwenye maombi sasa.

Kama nmeweka dem ball na azae mapacha wacha ata kamoja na alost,ntafurahi sana na nihame ,nichange line and thank gods .u must be stupid to seek a biatch who wen she realises the alpha who balled isnt interested utajua child support dio nini

Tafuta huyo dem ukimpata akurudishie pesa ya kutoa mimba kwanza before any negotiations.

Beta male problems:D:D:D:D

you saw the kid, right or left?

after she ate the money …you should have known she didn’t give a f*** about you wanted .

I have been slapped and walked away

How do you know that child is yours?

You paid How much ya Kutoa,. As someone mentioned Learn to pull out. Ghost her also.

]You paid How much ya Kutoa,. As someone mentioned Learn to pull out. Ghost her also.

It was 5k besides that I coughed some cash ya kubuy baby stuff, the shawls bla bla bla. you know all that stuff

Sasa mzee mzima na kitambi yake, falls for a well known cheap con and comes here for help. Watu wengine hawawezi saidika.