Help my cousin

His wife has tracked all his calls, messages, WhatsApp, telegram, Facebook,YouTube, Google and all other accounts. He can’t communicate with anyone privately because the wife gets to access all that information. The worst thing is that he has been banned from communicating with his baby mama and any time he does so, there is a fight in the house. The same thing applies whenever he communicates with any female even if it’s a relative.

Your kasin= @ChifuMbitika

She is married to a lunatic and drama queen,
Permanent solution he drop the lunatic wife and disappear to Mau Forest for 365 days, then resurface and cast his net wider to try his luck on a sane women.

When a man has to live like this, he is better off ending the marriage. Because it’s at the end.

His name must be something like Thomas Kariuki Muthoni or James Waweru Wambui or Tony Malanda Nekesa … in short he sounds like the modern hen pecked bitch niggah raised by a single mother.

Nothing wrong with being raised by a single mother but he needs to man up. Take charge. Slap somebody. Be the law. Or lose his home.

His choice really.

I know its you and im not helping

Niliona hata @FieldMarshal CouchP despite walking these streets all these years pretending to be a tough macho man, pretending to be a true son of a Mau Mau kumbe he was just an old bitch niggah.

Mwanaume slap somebody. Mlipue head butt awache upus. Sio kila time. Once in a while.

Field marshall analalishwa nje kaa kuku… aki ya nani naeza choma hio nyumba.

If your child disrespects you as a father you have earned the right to chop off his fucking head.

Damn!,its hard out here for a simp


Your cousin is a fool. The wife has no ability to do what you have said.

Ata DCI Kinoti kwa kiwango kikubwa hana uwezo wa kufanya ivo.

Tuambie cousin yako ni simp, akifikwa kwa nyumba anapeana simu wife anasoma messages, aache kusema wife anatrack calls zake.

Gabbage for likes & traffic…

Tracking is possible through safari-con guys. Ask @Nyamgondho and he will tell you

Si tulisema tuache kutukanana Mr Ape-man?!

At this rate your stupid cousin is already growing a womb. Bure kabisa.

Why would a woman imprison you in your life??

Kama angekuwa MGTOW saa hii angekuwa anaamka asubuhi from a night of marathon sex with a 20 year old super sexy younglin. Anyway choices have consequences.

Hehehe. Things are badder

Advise noted

Si ni app unawekea… ama wacha tu

Tell him to buy a new phone and simcard…let him also have a kababe for his “secret” communication and his problem is solved.

For fuckk sake, @ChifuMbitika it’s 2021
Wacha upus ya “my cousin” when it’s YOU