Help: motor vehicle insurance

Which is the best company to insure a private saloon car…I need more insight on this…Asanteni

Jubilee aka ki kale chupilee

Pacis; Not well known but probably the most stable insurance company in kenya. This one insures all the property owned by the catholic church…and some of mine too;)

Any company with a good claims payment history i.e. jubilee,aig,britam,icea,madison,aig etc unless ni third party in that case it doesn’t matter

@junkie do you need a broker or you can go direct to the company…

a broker or agent is advisable coz they handle everything for you ie filling the forms,arranging for mandatory things like valuations,handling a claim if it occurs on your behalf.lakini deal with a reputable broker/agent usigongwe

CIC, very reliable.

Hizo zote zimesemwa hapo except Madison. Madison wako down… kama IQ ya nyamba pupu.

Hata First Assurance sio wabaya…
Jubilee /Chupilee is a big No. They will zungusha you ka uko na claim hadi ufike.

Exactly…you are better off with a broker;they get things done faster

go through a reputable broker like Image Insurance Brokers, they will get you a good deal