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noun · Chess
[li]a situation in which the obligation to make a move in one’s turn is a serious, often decisive, disadvantage.[/li][/ol]

There is a deficiency in understanding things in Nasa.
Raila should have done everyone a favour and withdrawn before billions were wasted.
But still, he should have withdrawn ‘roho safi’. Not with more sissy demands and demonstrations.
All he did yesterday was extend his economic sabotage.

First tweet was made on 9th October second tweet 10th October

Which takes me to the second statement. Raila should have withdrawn roho safi.
If you listened to Uhuru speak, he also added that though it is Raila’s democratic right to withdraw, it is also Kenyans’ right to vote. He should let them.
Meaning, there is no justice in what Raila let Kenya go through and the amount of money he let us waste, if he knew all along he was going to withdraw.


Kwenda uko

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He he he…sasa unaomba kusaidiwa kuelewa na ukisaidiwa unakasirika?

A very short debate since the one lacking understanding has refused to receive it :slight_smile:

He he…he didn’t like the understanding he was getting:)