help me root s3 lte

Hey hi to technicians
Baada ya salamu,saidieni mimi hapa,niko na Samsung SHV-E210L and would wish to make be like GT-I9305. What links do I need to make that wish materialize?
Thank you very much.

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follow this link if you want help.

Do you want root the phone or do you want to magically change it from one model to another?

i want it to function like gt i9305(different) i.e the


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Kama ni s3 don’t update to anything beyond the jelly beans, guess it’s ICS. You are not missing much. Lakini Tafta Pesa na nguvu ufike bei. Tried that route once unapata Simu in a shida za nyanya mzee. My current handset they offering Lollipop lakini staki. What if you brick it? The risk is not worth it.


Attain the ability to have other network modes,other than lte.

Attain the ability to have other network modes,other than lte. am thinking towards that option.

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Somethings depend na hardware. Pengine haina hardware ya lte

If its an official update, there almost zero risk of bricking it unless you remove the battery mid-update and corrupt the data. If a manual flash then i can see your concern

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hapo siajakuelewa

some features are hardware dependant

ok,i guess we are now reading from the same script.
Such being so ,now that I have successfully run the recovery tool ,I guess i should now head on and install the ROM. Au sio brasa?:cool::slight_smile:

zote hali,nayo nayo

I once bricked my Z10.ilifufuka tu

I softbricked my lg phone, my tab 2 tablet and some chinese android tablet. Luckily i got them up and running again.
Most frustrating phone to try and flash in my experience is a htc. There is another step of kuingisha wire kwa shimo fulani halafu u connect kwa chuma ya micro-sd. I never managed to do it correctly.