Help me make a choices

Hello gents. I’m looking for a slightly older European car for use. It won’t be a daily but will be on the road quite often. Here are the ones I’ve settled on:

A 2010-13 Passat CC 1.8.
A facelift (Post 2005) W211 Mercedes E200.
A 2010 E90 320i LCi.
I’m looking for comfort, good build quality and low NVH levels. What would be the best buy out of these three? Consider an ownership period of around two years.

Nunua W211. That is what I would go for. Most foibles have already been addressed and it won’t throw surprises at you.

W211 iko sawa haijanisumbua kwa mda mrefu sana bora kufanya service vilivyo na ikiitisha kitu usijaribu njia ya mkato.

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W 211 will be the most forgiving car in this comparo,hio BMW E90 wachana nayo ,buy an F10 or E39 ,E60 wachana nayo kabisa kama wewe ni peasant


Toyota 110 ndio gari - it can sustain any for of Rigathi-esque humiliation and abuse. Weka monroe shocks and it’s second to none. :D:D:D

Mbona watu wa toyota lazima waingie kwa conversation hawajaalikwa :D:D:D

am Mazda out and out - but karibuni naingia kwa Team SH5

Typical otoyos

Friend has bmw x1 and it’s serving her great

Avoid like plague unless its manual gearbox

DSG itakufunza maneno… W211 is probably the best option out of that lot.