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[SIZE=5]Rebound: The Winning Mantra by George Rugare Chingarande[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Bibliographic information[/SIZE]
TitleRebound: The Winning Mantra
Author - George Rugare Chingarande
Publisher - CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2005
ISBN - 1419622080, 9781419622083
Length - 204 pages

Subjects Body, Mind & Spirit ,Inspiration& Personal Growth
Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth
Psychology / General
Self-Help / Motivational & Inspirational,204,203,200_.jpg

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Usually recently released books within an age span of around 30years are copyright protected and for most they are not in ebook or pdf form

For any other book especially for non-educational purposes ingia project-Gutenberg . This is one of the biggest online libraries with some very wide variety of books, a true hidden gem

From ancient translations, medieval literature and the best classics from both African and early 19th century writers. It also has a modern literature category…

The site has its servers in Australia since copyright protection law is not so tight when compared to USA and most Europe countries, its like he Wikipedia of literature

Nakumbuka after leaving college used to lock myself in my cramped up tiny room and download ebooks from project Gutenberg. Must have read close to 100,…

Then I discovered online writing and after a few months got a job and the rat race began…