Help me doctors.

I just discovered that when I touch or massage my left ear lobe, I hear a hooting sound in my right ear. What could be causing this?

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Mbuta,umeanza hallucinations ukiwa bado akili timam?
Check for tinnitus

Ittinus ni nini?

Oh I thought unelekea ile njia ya mundu mu…
Ama washa tu.

Kunyonga monkey?

No…kunyoforewa reft nut.

Its Latin for pain in the asš, tinnitus however is ringing, buzzing or in your case,hooting noise in one or both ears that may be constant or come and go, often associated with hearing loss,unazeeka mujamaa

I think you need to see an ENT specialist. It can’t be that [SIZE=1]expensive…ama?[/SIZE]

Don’t give him any ideas. Utaona Jura hapa akiuliza kama alinunua Nairobi Hospital au bado anafikiri between Nairobi hosp na Matter ni gani atanunua. Weeh.

Funny AF.

Nimemuliza swali and he needs to be v careful about how he responds back, if he does. [SIZE=1]I don’t think there is a Jura handle…[/SIZE]

Jura ni Chief roho saffi. That is way too obvious.

Im shocked hajasema any. I was expecting ata aulize Chief at what time his 16 Safari rally cars are leaving KICC or ask him what time they’re flying over to Naivasha to watch it on KBC.


Ata-come shortly:D:D.

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I will refer you to a good friend of mine,He is a ENT surgeon…utasaidika chifu

Tag me ‘wakikuja’:D.

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I can afford

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