Help me choose between these phones

Planning to buy one of these, which one would you prefer here and why?

XIAOMI redmi 7
Samsung A30

Samsung anytime. I bought a Samsung phone in 2011 and stayed with it in superb condition until it was stolen in 2017. After that I have bought two Chinese phones in a row and they are really disappointing.

It depends on what you do with your phones. If the first thing you do with a new phone is unlock the bootloader and flash ROM after ROM, then the Xiaomi is the one to get.

If you keep your phones as the way you got them out of the box, then the Samsung it is.

I’ve used several Xiaomi phones and they’ve been very reliable, and even better for me, they’ve been easy and satisfying to play around with.

Samsungs are usually well built too, and will serve you for a couple of years. The cameras are decent and the A30 has a big battery and an AMOLED screen.

Price wise, the phones you should actually be comparing are the Samsung A30 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, but eventually, the reasoning for your decision remain the same, what you do with your phones.


What’s your budget?

I am biased towards A30 cause i own one and like all samsung phones, has no issues


Sawa wakubwa, ive settled on Samsung cz i am purchasing the phone for basic use. Tena i will pass it on to my wife soon. Thank you all for your contributions. Sande sana.

Samsung’s body is made of plastic unlike redmi gorilla 5 both sides. Better processor in note 7.
I had a similar decision to make and found note 7 to be a better build abd performer. Typing from it now. No regrets

Mbona sijawahi skia mtu akitaja simu za motorola hii area?

coolpad cool 5

@Judas254 are you talking about redmi 7 or redmi note 7??

redmi 7 iko ligi ya akina A10 na A20

redmi note 7 iko ligi ya akina A30 sasa

Was talking of red mi 7 cz naona note 7 iko juu kiasi.

avicii ulikuwa sabbatical leave wapi? tunajua your handwriting

It’s my first time here. It’s an interesting platform.

But speaking of, hio hio Lenovo Z6 enye imekataa kufika, been waiting for a month. It’s a pretty good deal for the price. AMOLED, Snapdragon 730, optical fingerprint scanner, 4000 mah battery… Plus it can be rooted, but no custom roms available.

Nani ashawai tumia Lenovo?

Motorola kenya hakuna, I can’t remember the last time I saw someone using one, but their recent budget offerings look tempting.

redmi 7 is a shiity device…you cant compare it to A30…

Its like comparing a probox to a crown athlete…they are uncomparable…

Go for A30…camera performance is top notch…has AMOLED display and its a Full HD device…Bad thing about it ni ati its made of plastic while the redmi is made of corning gorilla glass

Budget ndio kusema apa a the end of all said and done