Help: File transfer b2n comps via phone

Guys, I have a tricky situation, and am hoping you can help.

I have some 10gb file on a pc. I need the file on my laptop. Pc has no Bluetooth or wireless adapter. I don’t have a crossover cable. My laptop has wifi and bluetooth. So does my phone. I have a USB cable for connecting pc and phone.

Is there a way I can use my phone as an intermediary between the pc and laptop to transfer this 10gb file?

…as we wait for the real comp geeks, lets keep ngoogglig and ngoogglig…


research file sharing with WIFI

Split the file using hjsplit, copy to phone then to laptop. Once done join using the same program.

cant you just dump the file in the phone memory then remove it from there on the laptop? ama you dont have that kind of capacity on your sd card?

there is a program i use for transfering files from my mac to my phone using wifi. Its called filedrop. I suppose if you can use that to transfer from the pc to the laptop using your phone as a wifi hotspot.
I don’t know if there is a windows version but im pretty sure there is

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Filedrop ain’t able to sort me. It assumes my devices are all WiFi enabled.

@highschooler, have tried researching, but am not able to get the info.

@nairobilay, my mem is all used up. Got less than a gb available. And in any case, my capacity is 8gb.

@kiki, am trying to avoid that. I would need over 10 portions to fit in my phone/flash.

Maybe I could rephrase the question: How can I make my pc connect to WiFi through my phone? Once that is achieved, I could use filedrop.

Edit: or how can I connect my pc to my laptop via phone as a Bluetooth adapter?

oh shit…forgot the pc has no wifi connectivity. Maybe use wi-fi direct when the phone is connected to the pc?

What i mean is, when you connect the phone to the pc is there anyway you can browse files of the pc through your phone?

external harddisk and you would be sorted before Oyier can say worra


Nope. The other way round.

That will only be after everything else fails. Sitaki kutumia pesa.

wah…i cant think of anything other than using your phone as a modem and transferring via FTP but that will essentially mean you are uploading and downloading 10GB (20 in total). Your best bet is to buy a large external or do what @kiki advises. Maybe someone else has a brilliant solution.

[li]1[/li]Disable the wireless adapters on the computers (optional). If either computer has the wireless network adapter, turn it off when connecting the computers. This will help prevent network conflicts.
[li]Click the Start menu, type ncpa.cpl, and press ↵ Enter.[/li][li]Right-click on your wireless connection and select “Disable”.[/li][/ul]

[li]2[/li]Connect the two computers using an Ethernet cable. Newer computers can use a standard Ethernet cable, as the network adapter will automatically detect that you are connecting two computers. Older computers may need to use a crossover cable, which is a standard Ethernet cable with the connection reversed on one end.

[li]3[/li]Return to the computer that you want to share something from. While you will be able to share files back and forth between both computers, it is usually easiest to set up sharing on your most modern computer.

[li]4[/li]Right-click on the network connection icon in the System Tray. Select “Open Network and Sharing Center”.

[li]5[/li]Click the “Local Area Connection” link next to “Unidentified network”. This will open the details of the new connection between the two computers.

[li]6[/li]Click .Properties. Select “Internet Protocol Version 4” and click Properties.

[li]7[/li]Select “Use the following IP address”. This will allow you to manually enter an IP address.

[li]8[/li]Enter an IP address. Since you aren’t using the internet, the IP address can actually be anything. For ease of explanation, set the IP address to192.168.1.10.

[li]9[/li]Press .Tab ↹ to automatically set the subnet mask. Click OK.

[li]10[/li]Go to the second computer. Open the Network and Sharing Center like you did on the first PC.

[li]11[/li]Click the “Local Area Connection” link next to “Unidentified network”.This will open the details of the new connection between the two computers.

[li]12[/li]Click .Properties. Select “Internet Protocol Version 4” and click Properties.

[li]13[/li]Select “Use the following IP address”. This will allow you to manually enter an IP address for the second computer.

[li]14[/li]Enter in an IP address with a different set of last digits. Since we used192.168.1.10 for the first computer, enter for the second one.

[li]15[/li]Press .Tab ↹ to automatically set the subnet mask. Click OK. The two computers are now on a private network between the two of them.

[li]16[/li]Return to the computer you want to share something from. Locate the drive, file, or folder that you want to share with the second computer.

[li]17[/li]Right-click on the object you want to share and click “Properties”. Click the Sharing tab.

[li]18[/li]Click .Advanced Sharing and check the “Share this folder” box.

[li]19[/li]Click the .Permissions button and check the “Allow” box next to “Full Control”. This allows the second computer to read and write to the shared folder. Click Apply.

[li]20[/li]Return to the objects Properties window and select the .Security tab.Ensure that “Everyone” is listed in the list of users. If not, click the Add…button and follow the prompts to add “Everyone”.

[li]21[/li]Click the Start menu on the computer that is accessing the shared folder.In our example this is the second computer.

[li]22[/li]Type .\IP address and press ↵ Enter. Using the IP addresses we entered above, you would type \

[li]23[/li]Navigate the shared files. You will now see all of the folders that you have shared on the first computer. If your permissions were set correctly, you can copy, delete, and add files to these shared folders.

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[SIZE=4]How to Transfer Files in Windows 7* or Windows 8*[/SIZE]
Windows offers a cool program called Windows Easy Transfer*, which makes the transfer of files from your old computer to your new one a snap. All you really need to do is find the right process for your operating system, and you are set. Users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 will both find helpful information to make the process super easy.

Seems like the only way to go. I guess I will just get someone to make me a patch cord and forget this Bluetooth/WiFi bullchieth.

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All this hustle for a flash of 16GB which is less than a K… Yall stop being mean, @aviator in you biz you gross more than 100k a month you should use Wat God gave you.

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Hehehe @Cypher254.

Have got someone to make me a crossover for one fifte. Bado inaniuma. Tis just a pst am transferring.

Kama uko na comp then make sure uko na ethernet cable, kaFlash ya 16gb hivi, external hd na data cable za simu. Ungekuwa na eth cable saa hizi haungesumbuka sana

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