Help -Disk Format

I have just cleaned and partitioned and formatted a wrong flash disk, can i recover the files? 30 GB of data gone. Saidieni wadau.

ngugu is yua friend

First of all, kindly tell us what kind of 30GB data is that?

Depending on whether you just deleted and did a quick format, you can recover pretty much everything using Piriform’s Recuva:

However, if you did a DOD sweep which overwrites all sectors with 0s and 1s, you can start downloading your data again.

Music and videos and some very important docs

I used CMD to clean, partition and format, never realized it was the wrong disk till it was too late

If by CMD you mean the command prompt, that is not a total wipe. Try Recuva and see what it turns up.

Hapo kwa docs pole hope you’re able to recover them.I actually have a phobia of doing what you just did,jasho itanitoka weh

Very easy use test disk

Pirifoms Recuva is putrid beta male crap , Download DLC ultimate , burn it to DVD or to usb then boot your machine into it , insert your stupid flash disk and use the more advanced disk recovery tools available.

pirated media? That’s karma.


hehe, i watch online in incognito mode omera, huwa siweki hizo

does it work on External hard disks folder file retrieval?.Nilidelete,na sijui aje aki ya nani,nilipata folder inamiss,mbisha zangu since 2007 inaniumaga hadi waleo,FYI hazikua za ngono hizo ziko kwa 3TB flani iko kwa ceiling boards

It works on anything your computer regards as storage. However , if you continued to use the disk after the loss, much of the data may have been lost for good because new saves overwrite the sectors that Recuva would have found.

Wadau, hii ilishinda Easeus na Recuva Zote. Sasa itabidi maisha iendelee kwani iko nini

Hizo zote ni upuzi, use test disk