help brother urgent

Elders where can I get lady boys or trans women hapa nairobi .asanteni



Yawa, I need some lines.



Hii ni ile :meffi::meffi: yenyu ya Buyer Beware unaleta hapa?

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Is this the father to Jackie Maribe.Wueeh

eish! Baba nzima? na pengine bibi yuko hapo!

the psychological torture can lead you to do such. He is going through alot currently and he can do anythingas he is not in his stable mind

Ugandan Minister for Foreign Affairs and M7’s in-law, Sam Kutesa.

Hii Kijiji bana, karibu kila asubuhi lazima wazimu mmoja apitie.

Hii swali imeulizwo mara MIIIIIINGI! anyways pale kwa zukabaga kunaa hii MOFO

Click hii link…


So kesho ni siku yako ama?

Beard of the Prophet…!!!
Is this what I think it is…???


These are surely the End Days…!!!

He looks more feminine than some of my female cousins

How many niggas are living in the closet in Kenya? Clicked on this idiot’s FB page and so many niggas dropping sexually suggestive comments there yet they have families