Help a mblatha here

I am turning 40 in a few months

Married with one Kid

I have 3M in fixed deposits which will earn me 630K by Dec

Employed and got my side hustle, which makes at least 35K Net per month

Own a 40 by 80m piece of land, currently valued at 1.8M

Kindly advice on where or what am doing wrong, where or what am doing right, and what should I do.

Imagine you are advising your small bro

Matusi not welcomed!

Ni asanda muno

Ongeza bibi na mtoi mmoja.


i think you are on the right truck but is your side hustle and salary 35 k net. also how much for rent, how much do you save, entertainment or just list also your expenses

Get the 630K due, and expand your side hustle to hit the 100k mark per month, oh! and hope you have the child’s education trust fund; this is one thing that I have to establish before am comfortable to start a family and get kids.

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I have not factored the salary in. 35K is the side hustle. I pay rent of 21K from my salary
As for the kid, I have already taken out some insurance policy for her with a reputable company, and she has some six digit figures in a separate A/C for her
Neither my wife nor I drink or hang out, we prefer taking the kid o the beach and a meal thereafter. Friday is Pizza Night!
Electricity bill comes to around 1,700 per month.
Shopping of 10K lasts us 3 months

Stop being mean to your family. They are the reason you work so hard


So when exactly do u intend 2 start living? As it is, my dear fellow, u are not

That’s where you are going wrong. 3m is enough money to make you a multi-millionare IF YOU INVESTED IN IT! Not by banking it in some fixed account.
Right now your banker is smiling all the way to his bank because he is lending out your money to other risk takers at 16%-25% interest pa and giving you back a mere 3-10% interest. These risk takers are making more money by borrowing your money! Look for a way to invest in this money…land, stocks, bonds, shares, become a loan shark, or a venture capitalist or expand you business.
Also @40 you need to get a 2nd kid:)



What’s the money doing in the bank? Invest and mint more dough.

Kuna nini Moderator mwenzangu?o_O

I have 3M in fixed deposits which will earn me 630K by Dec /QUOTE]

3M is too much for term deposits. Remove 2M, buy business daily newspaper and go straight to that page with stocks. Fanya hesabu ya PE ratio, dividend yield and pick 4 of the best counters. Get 3 years financials of these 4 companies, go to cashflow statements and analyse the operating results. Go to the SOCI and analyse operating margin. Then go to SFP and analyse NAV. If you’re happy invest 500K in each of these companies., sit back, relax & get another kid

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@aviator…that is basic home shopping. I have perfected the art of buying in bulk, and it saves a tonne of money
@Macdonald…what do you exactly mean
Guys, I invested in stocks sometimes and seriously got burnt. Would appreciate any help

You haven’t mentioned your retirement plan at 40 you’re not getting any younger.
Another thing you mentioned is that you pay rent with 3m in a bank doing nothing you should get your own place and save the rent your are currently paying in a retirement scheme.
Also as mentioned by @Electronics4u. grow an appetite for higher risk it may burn but if you do it right the returns are far much better than fixed deposit.

Soma what I wrote concerning investing in stocks.

@Okiya too much technical terms i don’t think he got all your points.

run to the bank and withdraw the 3M. Then visit the outskirts of Nairobi including kamulu joska, kitengela, Athi river, Ruiru, Thika etc. Find an acre of land costing around that figure…get the title deed and wait for atleast two years. subdivide the acre into 40 by 80 plots and walk away with your millions. Repeat that for the next 10 years and you will comfortably retire when you hit 50 years


shoping yangu na familia for a month is 5.5k (aver). I dnt think you live in nairobi and thats exclusive of greans

Huyo millionaire anapatia watu githeri na uji daily, pizza day should be moved to Tuesday.:smiley: