Hellobox 8 Scam+ server

I have brought hellobox 8 from an online store. I was only interested because of having both terrestrial and satellite capabilities. Then I realized it can open some channels. Currently I’m on 7w and it has opened some few arabic channels. Does anyone has a list of satellite it can open?

It’s you to keep opening and give us the list

@Meria Mata saidia huyu

huyu hawezi saidika, on 7w there are over 1500 FTA channels, with some magic from @Giggz he can also get The OSN channels which are $$$.
the box can recieve channels from all satelites

Kadere ya msedes hio FTA nawesa pata wapi. Heri ni nunue mùng’are.

which channels do you want?

English channels. Which satellites can i try and dish size recevable in nyeri kenya

with a 90cm dish you good to go.
which decoder do you have.

Umefika mwisho wa reli. Ama uhamie Asia where it works well.