Hello wazito, Explain to me like am 5 how I should go about cleaning my engine bay.

Hope you all doing great. Like things I should avoid doing, special detergents I need etc.it’s a NOAH.

tupa iyo ukam na kujoin qatu wa footbish hakuna ii stress mob kaaa zako apa

Haha bro if I had the choice I would be driving German Engineering.But this question applies to all cars me think.

You have the audacity to publish to the world that you drive a Toyota? …fuck, its a Noah too

And you capitalise ‘Noah’

Unachafua forum na mediocre shit

Nimekuja kupata education. I hear you are just to wipe it down with a wet cloth. Sio mambo ya jet spray

What did I ever do to yo

Haha to make it worse, it not even mine. I will never recover from this sweep :D:D

Endesha truck yako ya kubeba mbuzi na ngamia polepole bila kusumbua raia.

Ingia youtube and search chrisFix. You can thank me later

Boss tangu upewe pikipiki ya kukimbiza busaa umepata mdomo sana

Noah voxy apana chokora .Ikileta shida peleka toyota kenya otherwise itakusumbua inyonye mfuko.

I don’t know about Noah, but for me, car wash jet spray works.
Cover the alternator, cover the maf. Spray, soap, and spray.
If your sensors are not properly fitted, you’ll get error codes.
If there is a space that allows water in to the plugs or combustion chambers, you’re car can refuse to start.

look at chrisfix videos on youtube regarding cleaning of the engine bay.

easy step by step on whats to be done and what to avoid.

Deosol.+spray gun…then rinse with h2o:D