Divulging the new hellboy pole pole, fcuk the critics manze ![ATTACH=full]247135[/ATTACH]


Too satanic. Hollywood trying to make the devil be normal , good , accepted, embraced

With all these series , movies like

Vampire diaries
Walking dead
Ile movie samaki inatomba dem

Saitan ashindwe

Shindwe Shaitan Pepo mbaya! Riswaaa!

movie gani samaki inatomba dem? :D:D:D

Iko wapi chief? ,leta link priss

I agree with u wankle uwes

shape of water

Hellboy & lucifer never made sense to me …kwani the devil hana ambition mpaka he has to hung out with mortals…


Watched it nikashindwa kumaliza. The original was way better. Hii apana. And what is up with the talking pig or whatever it is???
Hata kama ni ushetani it should be subtle like The Mummy.
And the gore is just too fcuking much! Unnecessary

Ni gani iyo?

it’s based on a book bwana. acheni kuwa serious and just enjoy. ni kama tu comics based movies and series like Preacher where God disappears from heven and people eat souls, or those superhuman DC/Marvel stuff

I don’t mind all that. I enjoy Preacher infact and American Gods for the record.
But don’t you agree that Hellboy is a bit overdone in the areas I mentioned?


lemme see

Ata mimi ilinilemea, its not like the first one. Movie in 30 mins hata sikuwa naelewa nini inaendelea.

By then shaft had finished downloading nikasonga to that one. Was a nice watch,

Shaft iko poa.
The feminazi have their knickers in a twist though.

1080p? dawe?

720p ya Psarips ni eyegarsmic

ber ahinya

Lucifer tv series is a watered down version of comic book lucifer. In the comics unaona lucifer akona grand ambitions and yeye hapana tambua humans.