There are two helicopters doing rounds without any lights, flying near Kiambu town and back to City. hao bado ni seals?

uliza obama

Sisi tuko mugithi wa potus.

I thought senior villagers know the drill wapi mbisha


Tried taking several but they are too dark “unviewable”


Kama haujui kuweka flash weka hizo black tuamini

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They were doing it over the city the whole of yesterday flying one in front of the other. Can’t really tell what they were up to.

What do they need lights for, they are not on any roads and are usually flown using instruments.

:D:D:D what if they fly into oncoming bats, or maybe a witch on her broom? they need those lights, y’see? :D:D:D


The pilots wear night vision goggles

He he, you know today is a Sunday, let’s go and pray achana na story za wachawi.



Jamaa halali Windsor?

Soo if they see an on coming bat, they like hepa it!

Head on collision…