Aaarrgh, hata safety measures hakuambiwa what not to do? Kenya watu wamechoka

am in the aviation industry,before any movement to an aircraft 1st and foremost safety briefing is a must and if approaching the person must be guided by an aircraft marshaller at a safe angle while bending…RIP to the victim

Shes tall, kwani ni msudi

Lazima kiatu itoke?

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Btw mbona victim wa kugongwa lazima watoe kiatu?

It’s the back one that hit her.

Pole kwake.
It’s a big practical lesson to others.

With the amount of people that run to choppers in Kenya i’m suprised we haven’t had more decapitated.

Hebu please explain what happened here.

Nobody would be mad enough to walk to close to a rotating rotor.
So what happened here ? Was the helicopter still moving and it hit her ?

Ama the pilot started the engine when she was standing next to the rotor ?

Unajua hiyo rotor ilimgonga mpaka ikavunjika ndiyo hiyo hapo chini. Death was instantaneous

This should have been a fagget like @Kanguthi not an innocent woman

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Na nikikuita bongo lala ama airhead unaona kama nakutukana.

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Kenyan iq is very low in general. Most accidents are from low iq kenyans. That’s why there’s nothing we can do about it. We have extremely low iq as a country. Am willing to bet they were all serviced by a quack technician with fake papers who got in through a favor


Better a bongo lala than a bottom filthy fagget

Rear propeller ndio ili kata mwenda zake
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For the sake of passengers safety, I think the chopper should be started when all the passengers are seated inside.

Na utapata alitumia CD jana usiku. Life… Soo fickle


:green_emoji:manze life is fucking crazy/unpredictable

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Yes, he was hit by the rear rotor. The dead teacher is a man.

The Teachers Service Commission has mourned the death of Acting Deputy Headteacher at Handaro Primary School in Garissa County.

Ahmed Nur Ismail died on Tuesday, November 21 in a helicopter accident while on duty.

He died while distributing the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination material to various centres.