I think the time has come for me to repay my helb loan.

Do you guys know if it is possible to get a waiver on the interest/penalty it has accrued? and if so, what are the terms and conditions?


They always advertise on the papers with these words: Njoo Tuongee
Just hop into their offices(anniversary Towers 14th floor), ask to see a guy called Mbala, give him your fake story(how you have been unable to pay due to joblessness, bla bla blah, and how you are now ready to pay, if at all the penalties were waived…bla bla bla). Ataku direct to another senior dude who will authorize the waiver. All the best.:wink:


Woi all the best …how many yrs has it been since you graduated, minus 1- 1 n half yrs and then know you got 5 kpenalty
for evry month.

Waivers are only given when HELB announces…

You must be one ethical dude

I double like that friend…Thanks for this. I knew I could rely on you guys :slight_smile:

wewe sasa…you just want to discourage me. Well that won’t happen…not today. I am a very motivated Nairobian.

Have you paid yours kwanza?

Really …nilipotea for 2 years then they caught up, my penalties plus interest were 3 times the loan…

hehehe Buda. at one time or the other I will have to pay. In any case i intend on pursuing a masters degree and I dont know if my loan status will affect my ambitions

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Good of you. Lipa hii kitu ndio wenzetu wanufaike pia. I once defaulted for a while and once back on my feet, went in there and explained my story (ya ukweli by the way, I didn’t have to concoct lies). Penalties were waived, I paid the outstanding balance as a lump sum at that KCB on groundfloor, gave them the deposit slip and walked out with my discharge cert.

There’s no pillow as soft and comfortable when you lay down to sleep as a clear conscience.


Thanks Pal, thats some real encouragement there, means its possible. If they agree I will pay in two instalments Max

Haukujitetea vizuri. I tell you even guys at HELB have once or twice defaulted.
They will listen to your story> furthermore constitutionally its illegal to charge interest/penalty which is more than the principle amount.

mimi nimepotea miaka mingi, nitarudi huko next month nirudie kulipa tena

Don’t procrastinate. Enda huko saa hii. Next month will never be.

saa hii nko mbali na nairobi boss

Then I have already paid that loan …i will go see them

Thats one side of the coin…

Thats so patriotic of you brother good luck

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Glad I finished paying but it wasn’t interesting being deducted 5k per month considering after paying the accommodation, the balance of my loan iliisha kwa duka ya keg na ule mtu wa mayai boiled.


I feel you my brother.
Yangu ilikuanga inatumika hivi:
-week 1-2; Drinking beer and having nyamchom in high end joints, raving mpaka chee na wasichana mingi.:wink:
-week 3-5: realized pesa inaanza kuisha, wasichana wanahepa. Naachana na beer naanzana spirits (KC sana sana)
-week 6-9: Back to Keg kwa base. No Gals whatsoever.(aibu nayo?)
-week 10-14: Anything could do…anything! Toivo, Chang’aa, Muratina…:smiley:

am sure food wise it was like this;

  • week 1-3: Ugali kuku (54bob)
    -week 4-7: Rice na mince stew (25bob)
    -week 8-13: Ugali mboga (code 12)
    -week 14: kujipeleka room za wasee wanapika
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