Hekaya za nation... on page 24

Do you remember the listing about a lady cop who disarmed her colleague? nation guys are trying to imply that the lady did it single handed yet i saw a male colleague assist her to disarm the drunk guy, anyway she took all the credit.

Ktalk tuko mbele sana. Mbisha tuliona na wale wako nazo waliiba hapa.

I have realized media gets its content sometimes from here or a story gets inspired from a listing here…before they could get in klist eg the 3rd man expose.

If you follow the major media houses on social media you will notice when a listing comes up for instance the one for trains being offloaded at coast, within a few minutes they have copy pasted it without even acknowledging the source.

i had proposed to @admin to come up with a feature that will automatically watermark the image once uploaded with the logo in a way that they cant remove it. @ol monk @daerro and other Mods push for this feature itawapea millage sana.


i would be happy to have a spoiler watermark available

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na hizo mbisha zote ni nani ameweka?
i can confidently confirm that the Administrators are working on OUR watermark.

hehehehehe, ni wewe mkubwa kudos for the extra mile your going.:wink:

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And as usual, she is very single and ready to mingle. Congratulations. :D:D