Hekaya ya mzee mzima

There was this old man in our village by the name kaihuu… Kaihuu a well respected man who once had owned a butchery in our local shopping area in ngandu location,but his business went down due to the luv for mori(calf) au ukipenda tuhehia.love for women prought him taun financially…
Due to the circumstances he was a bitter man inside but respected in the society… Due to his butcher skills and expertise he was hired in ceremonies to slaughter and make good African sausages and goat stomach filled with meat and blood(ngerima) in a very professional manner…
It was my grandpas time to seek for his services,ruracio was on the way coming with people and sponsors from nyairofi… As usual he used to carry his pack of knives,a knife sharpener, and on that particular day he even wore a (god papaa) hat, thot maybe to hide his bald head from watu wa nalombi…
His work kicked off, slaying two goats,dissecting the animal in a matter of minutes…
To cut the crap short before ata wageni waanze kushuka kwa gari he had finished his mission na alikuwa akitoka sasa… He spead between us as we were welcoming the guests, sweating heavily maybe from the cooking heat…
Grandpa; kaihuu… Kaihuu wagithie atia utageithatie ageni(how can you just go without even greeting the guests)
Kaihuu: ihii muthee dinaihenya ndi handu ndi mweterere(sorry there’s a place am rushing they need me asap)
"no you cant go without saying a word or even greeting my My people"grandpa was adamant and the old man was forced to oblige, he was now sweating heavily, drips of sweat draining… Yes draining from his ahead kwa uso mzima… “are you okay?” grandpa asked"you look restless"as he shook visitors hand from a full isuzu bus… He got even more restless as he saw the multitude of hands awaiting him to shook
Aaargh ndikuhia ringi(sitachomeka tena) mzae kaihuu alitoa kofia akachomoa roll ya mtura moto inadrip tu na supu na akaichapisha chini kama jayz akidrop mic kwa stage after an awesome performance… Ninja ilikuwa imeficha nyama kwa kichwa direct from a boiling soup to bald head… He endured roughly 5 mins of burning African sausage kwa god papaa…

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D hehehe sijamaliza kusoma

hahahaa maliza hekaya bana


Hii hekaya niliisikia 10yrs ago na dumenico na jaraba pale kameme

Hekaya ya class two about mzee kobe. You must be an old man.

Apana…, thinjo ya magongona ma rika ria gukaguo ndikagwo ni andu ta acio.

:D:D:D:D:Depic; coming from the master of interruptus hiself…


mutura tingz




Am going to create a bot to count the number of times @Luther12 has posted :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Blame the wazimu in this village. Najipata nacheka tu.

kuna wakati umekaa na wazee wa heshima halafu naamua wacha niingie kijiji kiasi, unafungua an innocent post unasoma pole pole then unafika kwa comment moja funny kuruka unajipata umecheka watu wanashangaa huyu msee shida yake ni nini

@Mzee mzima ,haujaambiwa vizuri na bangister.

Mzee mkora

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:D:D:D @roots huyo guka wako anaitwa Wachira wa Gikonyo?