Height of poverty: a woman stitching her husband’s condom.
Height of innocence: a girl applying clerasil on her nipples thinking they are pimples.
Height of ambition: an ant climbing an elephants leg with the intention of rape.
Height of patience: A guy standing in a queue to f@$k his own wife.
Height of laziness: A man sleeping in top of his wife waiting for an earthquake to do the rest.


Nitakuja unipatie tour ya mji mkuu, naambiwa wewe ndio tour guide

Mbona unashangaa? I am a poet or what the youth call lyrical genius.

Punguza madree!

How are you doing??

Hii tuliona kabla

I am good. Just doing too much good around me.


Hii ni picha ya nini umeweka?

Anatuonyesha msimamo wake, watu walinde mikia yao