hehehehen ati cordmorons will kihiicott 2017 elections p

Yaani odm will not participate in 2017 unless isak hassan and co. listens to their grievances including that isak must declare them winners? #BoycottElections2017 was trending yesterday. And they said ati sio bluffing

Meanwhile see this meno brown kukuyu thief

After they boycott elections, the Jubilee team declared the winners, sworn in for another 5 years term, what next for Cord? Go back to the 1990’s script of calling for street protests or will they start a guerrilla war?

That will be self defitist CORD forgets that Kenya is not a western society where an election boycott draws significant credibility issues to the election leading to other parties boycotting as well. Huku it will be boycotted, one party is declared the winner. Jamaa anachukua kiti na atakalia ni kama alizaliwa nayo mpaka the next elections with zero chills

tafadhali wasi-boycott, it will be bad for the economy. you see, wakikataa ku-run jubilee haitachota…halafu tutakua misoto…

Heri wa boycott badala ya embarrassment ya ku charazwa na number four thereby coming fifth after dida and co.

meanwhile the ksh to dollar is 101.9 where is Jubilee taking us?

confusion dio inawasumbua, they can see defeat is inevitable. I feel sorry for Kalonzo

You and me…same thought process. I like.

I dare baba I mean babu to think that Kenya ni yake.cord will field a candidate whether babu agrees or not

Me too, imagining it was his turn to be supported.

Naona nikibadilisha handle yangu.

The freedom that people enjoy today including the media is all because of the efforts of people like baba in the 1990s.

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