hehehehehe ....world wakes up to a big surprise from kenya

Kenyan opposition party treated with a jap from the ruling party.

Mps from Upusition party in a wonderful country called kenya were treated with a newly discovered jap after they were diagnosed with a new thread of political Ebola called “political assassination” . The effect was evident after some of its members were seen moving their lips without any audible words.mr ohuru ojinga was told to keep quite since he is a just a nominated member not elected. …this led to his eyelids freezing and his lips violently shaking for a minute or two.
.the higly undignified mps left in a hurry when Baba yao stepped in.

The mps were told to bring any other unknown disease and the government will apply the same jap.


For those of of who don’t eat and breathe politics, a bit of elaboration would be helpful.

@wonderful wonder can you rewrite this in a simple language that a common villager can understand.

floppy humor. I said this guy should be protected from his dalliance with mbariki leaves since he went to Naivasha…


kafunda fry leo lunch


Even those of us who eat and breathe politics are working overtime to decode this.


Nilisema huyu mtu asiende Naivasha. @wonderful wonder spotted in Naivasha… BTW which grown up man calls himself wonderful?

Wonder bra mwenyewe [ATTACH=full]8875[/ATTACH]

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leo niko Nairobi. …at copy cat kenya brookside drive

Fumbo mfumbie mjinga…mwerevu atalifumbua

As always Kisungu bags a hattrick, final scores Kisungu 3- 0 @wonderful wonder.

Buda chezea home ground tafasali.

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I think this guy is speaking in tongues!

hiyo kisungu plus profile picture yako imenikumbusha Huyo jamaa wa crincum crancum, the political higgy hagga

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Hehehehe. Wonderbra, andika kwa kikuyu tutakuelewa.

Unaongea ancient language ama?

And the avatar fits @kush yule mnono perfectly.

Enda toa lock coz, I think this a clear case of withdrawal symptoms when a guy that was formerly lucid starts speaking in code

Pole sana, tulikupenda, lakini ulipenda fombe zaidi