I am informed that in the Kikuyu lwnguage the word @kanguthu refers to a cock sucker. Young men who offered these skills to the Kikuyu warrior class were often reffered to as @kanguthu s.

Their teeth were often pulled out at a young age so they could suck comfortably without bruising,suck like a toothless calf sucking a milk bottle. That sound produced was what was reffered to as the gukangutha sound of sweetness from the word @kanguthu .

Aiii!!! Kikuyu gani? Wewe wacha kutuletea wazimu na takataka za ushoga wa America hapa! There was no such bullshit and abomination in Kikuyu land!!! Why do you people have to force this on everyone?

Inshort, tumesema gayism goes way back in kyuk land… ama?

Kanguthu is clitoris in Gikuyu

He’s a psychopath. Better feed him the ignore button asap