Hehehe. Jaruo zimeanza kujitoa kwa maandamano


Its affecting the economy… I saw a njaruo fish monger say she went into a loss of mirrions this monday… plus thugs have taken over these maandamano… its time to wave the white flag…

watu waharibu counties zao na nchi yao, hakuna shida. bora mtu asilalamike badaye.

Jaluo have a serious political problem. They have fought Moi and Uhuru while defending Kibaki. They have fought Kibaki with Ruto’s assistance. They have fought both Uhuru and Ruto, and now they are fighting Ruto while fiercely defending Uhuru. Jameni, make up your minds once and for all.

This is not a luo problem… the cost of living is affecting all across the divide… ama wewe unanunua unga at 60bob.

You can’t make this shit up. These sooty lake niggas are the real deal. And by the real deal I mean the true orangutans…

You fcks are the nugus, for a few kernels of grain, Jambasi has turned you bastards against each other… watu washenzi sana.

You are speaking like an ignorant fool

And you are engaging me that makes you a bigger fool.:smiley:

Kikuyu old men love jaluo gals.

@Azor Ahai has a jaluo wife with big diabz

That’s an economic problem. Am talking about political problems which are part of the maandamanos only taking place in jaluo populated areas

Tuone reactions kesho… but seems the heat is slowly dwindling


Njaruo machungu ya nini?

Njaruos zinasumbua…kwani cost of living imeshuka?

Guka umeamua kuweka guruneti kwa mkorogo ya violence tu ivyo?

Acha kubweka



So in summary every president since Moi amepigwa vita a net of 1 time na remjius
Moi - 1
Kibaki - 1
Uhuru - (2-1) = 1
Ruto - (-1+2) = 2