Hehe Trump Hachezangi



Trump is a genius. :D:D:D

He has given a nod to black culture while simultaneously making fun of Biden’s racial gaffe.

These Democrats are fucking losers. Yaani out of everyone in the party, they could only pick this demented asshole? These guys are going to lose heavily. 5 to 6 months of more gaffes loading, this will be a trainwreck.



Hahaha. Wow I hate Trump but saa zingine huwa ananichekesha

:smiley: Uncle Trump Ni wetu after reelection atuachilie Visa banae

Bidden ni Kalonzo

Ule homosexual @T.Vercetti umemuona mahali? Amepotea sana

huyo @T.Vercetti, Homo_patco ako na handle mingi @kanguthu anazijua jua

trump amechizi


Donald the edge lord Trump

The next president after trumps second term maybe a Democrat.

Who gave him the idea about these Ghanaian pall bearers?

Maswali za ujinga toa hapa

Mbona matusi ango?

Trump will be reelected heavily.
Not because he has done wonders in his first term.
But because Democrats look to be clueless in strategy. Why the hell would you choose Biden to be a presidential candidate? Heri Sanders hata.