Hehe kumbe the celebrated Health CS nominee "Dr" Susan Wafula doesnt have a degree - hii Kenya ina mambo

Yeye ni mtu ya KMTC.


@Motokubwa would have made a better nominee…

These hustlers, all of them have questionable credentials. Echesa could be the most learned of all of them.

Kenya is.now one.big joke courtesy of hustlers. Mark my words; Kenyan certificates will soon be useless pieces of papers.

Na Doctor ime toka wapi… Ama ni ile Honorary?

You can start as as nurse and end up with as a Doctor.
Nursing in waiting - CNA
Certificate in nursing - LVN
Bachelor’s in Nursing - Registered Nurse
Master’s in Nursing - Nurse Practioner
PhD in Nursing - Doctor in Nursing.

Maybe she started with a Bachelor’s in Nursing.

Wangeniweka kwa defence

All of them are Conmen and Conwomen …:D:D:D

Mali ya weta…haitaji makaratasi

Mimi foreign affairs. Hata kabla mshahara ya kwanza kuingia. I will deport all the ogas na Somali wote.

Lmaooo huyu ni mtu anawekwa hapo na vested interests wakule pesa… Kweli cartels are powerful in this country

hii kiti wangepea kijana yetu @Motokubwa

So yeye cannot be registered by ppb because she has not met their requirements. Yaani she cannot be allowed to practise hiyo pharmacy yake.

Hao ndio wale ppb self righteously call quacks.

Halafu but she will be juu ya ppb akiwaongoza? Quackery si imepata boost?

Nope. She said she has a Pharmaceutical Technology certificate from KMTC. No degree whatsoever. Her case ni vile Kenyans call anyone in a white coat daktari.

Huyo Mama ni Hustler wachana na yeye she don’t need no degree

Yaani she could not qualify for direct entry ya diploma KMTC, she just did a certificate course there. Is it really possible to do a pharmacy degree exclusively online?

I wonder what Ruto is upto, the country as per them is in crisis, but the people the two have picked to steer the country out of the said crisis inspire no confidence.

She is probably big pharma mole. Her previous job was with a Bill Gates funded organization… Not asurprise


Nope. You need schooling and some serious practicum…her online pharmacy degree is fishy. Pharmacists in my organization get a 4 year degree, then go to Pharmacy school where 2 year are intense studying and 2 years involve studying and practicums/attachments.

And she is not the head of Supply Chain at UCSF Institute for Global Health Sciences ; she works for an UCSF Global Health Kenya in the supply chain department and thats all I am allowed to say.