Heh okay...naona kua pastor ni career pia.

I was
introduced to DOZ(Daughters of
Zion) event by a friend. The first
saturday, I got there pretty late,
the church was in Ngara then. It
was the end of a powerful
preaching and she insisted on
everyone picking an envelope,
putting in a an amount. The crowd
had already been excited so this
was easy. I didn’t want to miss out
so I think I put in some KES. The
week went by as usual, as a matter
of fact, my frustrations at the work
place continued but I still purposed
to be on time the next time.
The next time, she started the
meeting, she started by asking the
crowd to take the first 5 minutes
to analyze her outfit because
people had been getting too
distracted staring at her during
her sermons. I didn’t believe it but
she went on and on to describe it
amid cheers. Everything was pricey
including the hair. I wondered how
long I was going to last…
She went on to describe how she
had thrown a party for the son
which shocked the whole school.
Later on, I found out it is not the
usual schools that KNUT is
striking about…
I couldn’t stomach that crap, I left!
Later, I heard the crowd had been
moved to buy a sports range rover,
I saw pictures of a house and I
also see the torture a guy has to
go through trying to influence the
crowd to give every Sunday before
the powerful preaching.
I almost feel the trick is to move
the crowd, excite them so that
removing money will be very easy.
This is through examples which I
consider high profile such as jobs,
tenders, houses, cars and so on.
From the Bible, Paul (the most
powerful preacher) worked so that
he would not be a burden to
anyone. Can you imagine? And the
early disciples went through the
scriptures to confirm what they
were being taught.
Kindly ask him to explain to us the
source of the money so that we
can also put into practice those
business ideas because most of us,
are working towards that kind of
life. It’s so sad that you use the
crowd to fund your lifestyle, then
ask the same crowd to trust in God
for their own funding… It’s crazy
Alai. Let people STOP hiding
behind the name blessing. At least
Kanyari is honest, it’s out of the
310 that he bought a range rover.
Via Alai