Hi Talkers,
Its end month n I did not go tangatangaring this time round.I am facing a home alone weekend and considering the fact I neither drink not chew the twigs,I am will be staring at blank walls if you do not step in and drop a few tiltels of some good movies that I can get and watch.
Who is willing to help???


Tom and Jerry


Divergent 2015, Big Game 2014, Full Metal Jacket 1987

try this one

[SIZE=6]Spoken English Lesson 02 - ESL lesson with Vocabulary & Phrases[/SIZE]




Ok seriously watch, life on top… Thats a present to the chairman of KWA

Jack n the bean stalk


Mad max fury road

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Thanks @uncle nyam

No thank you

Jaribu hizi: Fury, Allies, American Sniper, Good Kill, Get Hard

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You have said series NO bt if you are in the house leo na kesho enda ambia the movie guy akupatie strike back season one…hata simu hautashika na hautaelewa vile uta watch the rest of the seasons during week! Thank me later via mpesa!

Courtesy of the potential fisi that calls me daddy,these are part of the home collection. Have watched them so many times that sometimes I feel like I can recite the dialogue verbatim


As a rule,I do not watch series. They require too much attetion…sijui previously,unaona scene kaa kumi hivi…kabla ushikanishe ni scene gani that is corresponding to the new episode,kichwa inauma. call me slow lakini sitaki kuumwa na kichwa…I cud be having ADD too. Thank you anyway

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brain games, mythbusters

get “Parkland”, a tom hanks production, quiet interesting, watching it right now on Mnet premium

Get the Dictator…

i want to repeat fury!! nice movie


if you dont mind documentaries try.the men who build america

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