heeeeeeeeee mama nani.....na nani.....of all other places,kwa kanyumba ya soldier....

today i arrived home pretty early,i took time to “stretch my legs”,at the gate,we have employed two soldiers ,just to open our sub gate.
from a distance,i saw that the soldiers were standing at unusual point.{usually,one lifts barriers,as the other records any new entry…}to day each was standing on either sides of the barrier…as a manager,i read mischief…i gently walked and for the 1st time ,the burger raised the barrier for me,as if i was a car{usually they don’t raise it for pedestrian,you are supposed to use side walk}…i think the creatures gave us a teriffic tuesday…the reason they were raising the barrier was make sure you pass with a distance from their shed…
the problem with me is that i dont like asking questions later,…i passed thro the raised barrier and straight to their shed…zile mkubwa niliitwa na those soldiers motivited to know what was behind kaleso flani that was hanging kwa mlango…wah…as usual those to sheds hatuna mlango…Nyasaye…imagine i found mama nani na nani,two of my neighbors,one is a housewife…the dude ni chali flani huishi na budake…sisemi but mama nani hakuwa na nguo na nani akiwa na tshirt…
i got shocked more than them and left with higher speed than train ya sgl…am still shocked

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eeh bana, hata kambisha ya kashed na leso kwa mlango

:smiley: lakini weka picha bana…

Wewe ni mwanaume sampuli aina gani? Snooping achia wanawake.

Wewe ni mwanaume sampuli aina gani? Snooping achia wanawake.

mimi ni mananger…i did not know what i would find behind the kaleso…but if i wont find it…it might be my own son hijacked na amefichwa hapo

Wewe ni manager wa nyumba yako?

Wacha kusumbua watu.wewe ukirarua coomer kwa brothels iko mtu hukusumbua?

Ulikuwa unatafuta wanking material? Cheer up it could have been worse ujipate face to face with a familiar mothers union…


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@uncle uwes…i thought klist died like 2014???vipi tena?


ok,am not saying its ok for a man to cheat but its not as bad as a woman cheats…whether i our African culture or in Biblical aspect…its ok for a man to have two ladies at a go but its wrong to have two men

Wonderful Wonder ni jamaa la chabo. Mara nyengine weka picha

i dont need to prove myself to u…all i need is to tell you my experience…kubali kataa…shauri yako

picha ama hizi hekaya upeleke mharo ama ghasiakeyno

unaniitisha picha kwani nafanya kazi na media house???

‘…i got shocked more than them and left with higher speed than train ya sgl…am still shocked’

At least weka mbisha ukiwa still shocked, na ya hiyo kanyumba ya soldier. Otherwise-------------------------------------------------------------------------------->Udaku peleka hukooo.

i tell u that i cannot take a photo of my cat to prove to you that i have got 1

honestly…something is very wrong in our marriages…women are the new men