Hebatullah Bros Vs Impala Glass Windshield prices

hey good people…I’m looking to buy a windshield and was looking at this 2 establishments…now Impala Glass prices are almost double the ones for Hebatullah…anyone who can vouch for this 2 places in terms of quality etc etc…and on this not…I’m demanding from Admin that we have a Car section hapa kwa kijiji…sijui what’s wrong with you HERBIVORE MEN…

isnt the windshield part of your insurance cover??ama wewe ni msoto uko na third party

@junkie It’s for an old car I’m restoring

Yaani it takes a woman to ask for a car section…kwanza after I argued vehemently and intellectually for your “VIP” section irudishwe…I demand you join me on this noble cause thread about cars and all things moto gari Ikuwe hapa at a prominent position…I get to school you

There is a third one Husseini Glass Mart on Dares Salaam Rd near Posta. You can also try there for price comparison.


Kuna mpps mombasa. Rd opp vision plaza!

Health and fitness be changed to cars perhaps?


Behind Nakumatt ya Nyayo Stadium, a Chinese Glassmart that offers the best deals, plus good quality.If it needs modification, buy your own glass and hire someone to do the cutting, otherwise the shops are too expensive.

There’s one on Kírínyaga Road whose name I forget. It’s adjacent to this (Shell?) petrol station just after the entry to ngirogoni on your left and Accra Road junction on your right (i.e if heading towards Ronald Ngala from Múrang’a road on Kírínyaga road). There’s also at least one other that I recall inside ngirogoni itself lakini kupeana directions huko no stress tupu.

Thanks guys



True Dat

Oooh windshield ya gari, “Herbivore men”, oooh VIP section.”Herbivore men”, Oooh Gazeti ya leo, “Herbivore men”, Ooooh my name is @msalame grace, ‘Herbivore men”…. Poh.

Tumejua sasa you have a new word in your dictionary

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:D:D:D:D:D Sasa atasema aje na hamvunjani mkimpigania. In other words, wanaume wamekataa kutusiana hapa KTalk juu yake.

Kwani hii keyboard ya Luther iko na í badala ya i

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I meant to write … í as default instead of i

Depends on what I’ve taught the phone. It has capacity to add words to its ‘dictionary’.