Heavy duty springs for mazda

My car is pretty low and I am looking to raise it a bit using Monroe HD springs. So I ask for the price of the springs nikambia 13k and I thought that’s for a pair or four of them kumbe it’s a single spring :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:.
@introvert and @Rene Descartes saidia mimi.


Its the cost of luxury my friend! Kumbe kamazda kalifika!? Hehe ebu weka haga hapa tuione


Uza gari nunua springs


Weka spacers umalize Hio stori.

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Never ever. Spacers nimeambiwa zinamess na stability and insurance haizitambui


Siutafte spring type ingine. si lazma uweke monroe. labda unaweza pata na silazma iwe ya mazda anyway. pia unaweza tumia spacers ingawa zinachange angle ya wishbone with some negative effects, but altogether effective raising the car.
If your car is running steel rims you can buy light aluminum/magnesium rims a inch bigger and tire profile a bit bigger or the same, it help a lot raising the car without simply installing metal spacers. The car might even become a bit more receptive to the accelerator and more economical. Dont install chinese rims. This site helps determining the largest wheel and tire combination for any car https://www.wheel-size.com/
Then they have a calculator here where they give you all possibilities and data concerning suspension changes with the new wheels https://www.wheel-size.com/calc/
All these are expensive affairs except the metal spacers especially if you cant find cheap springs for your mazda.


Gari imekam na some pretty cool stock alloy rims and pretty new bridgestone tyres. Sasa izo nitazipeleka wapi chief? A friend of mine upgraded his rims and tyres ikamkula 100k


Inatoa hesabu ya suspension kabisa. the wishbones are supposed to operate from an almost flat position while the wheel should stand straight and not in a rickety manner.

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Tires tafta wale watu huuza tire exjapan kama zako mfanye trade in. kunaye olx hujiita “universe tires”. if your rims are alloy they sell for the same price as any second hand exjapan rims.
Tafta second hand exjapan rims na second hand tires almost new and since I am guessing that your car isnt an SUV, it will cost you about 50 or 60k. this is the best solution if you are moving from steel wheels to light alloys. benefits will be more than just lifting the car. Smoother ride/bigger clearance/ economy/better pick up. There is a site that sends genuine complete wheels or just rims through DHL in a day to your location from japan but you will end up spending about 90-100k for smart wheels because of DHL costs. This is it https://parts.japanesevehicles.com/index.php . you will have to know your car’s rims size, pitch circle diameter, and offset from the other site up there. Otherwise you can source locally even though you might not get the best looking rims. Avoid clunky/heavy looking rims. Hizo ndo solution mi najua.

Unaeza jaribu hawa jamaa http://www.vibrodampers.com/

Ama kama uko na alloy wheels tafuta tires kubwa kiasi. if your sidewall height is not yet as big as 130mm or 133mm, you have a chance to use bigger tires. if you can acheive a 12-15mm raise with tires alone uko sorted. Still use the site up there to determine limits. second hand japan tires uaeza uzia watu a tire kwa trade in.

As @Rene Descartes said up there, the springs don’t have to be model-specific.
What I’ve done on an RX7 here is introduce dampers in between the coils of the spring. Even ride quality is better.
Spacers hapana.

Uko poa

Btw grundy just invest the 52k…si its a one time purchase. Funga mecho na maskio ununue na ufunge hio chapter

Niaje muyamaa wa Demio

:eek::eek::eek::eek::D:D:D…demio ni ya wamama

FYI spacers only create a space between the body and the chassis…meaning the vehicle chassis still remains at the same level as before hence gari itaendelea kuscratch huko chini.

Vehicle height is only added using high profile tyres and strong coil springs.

Which spacers? for small cars metal spacers go between the coil/shock assembly and the frame. This raises the whole car but makes some changes to the suspension position with negative effects.

I disagree with you. Yangu niliweka spacers and achieved what i wanted.

Unauzia wakwitú, ara!