Heartless Guys

hii ni haki kweli

sipendi mwizi hata kidogo lakini hapo…ah ah

for the faint hearted its too graphic…

Woi.watu ni wanyama

Explain what is happening please


What’s Happening was he killed intentionally?

that is not a mob!!!, one can clearly see two guys slashing the victim. This should be shared with the police and kina legal medico

si u guys who are brave enough to watch it narrate it ndo sisi waoga tujue kaa tutaidownload


Oh no, wanakata magoti yake kama kuni. They are heartless indeed. Huyu kama alipona aokoke sasa.

These are the acts that set us apart from the rest of the world.(minus Middle East from the word World)

This is how we end up being labeled savages .

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No nid of downloading ,hii tuliona

ni enye ilikua hapa smtime back?