health risks associated with motocycles

I’ve heard several people comment that riding motorcycles lowers the lifespan and causes illnesses related to the lungs, is this true? apart from general risk when accidents occur and recklessness what are the longterm risks associated with bodaboda? @Luther12 perhaps you can weigh in on this.

Accident fatalities are more than any other either imagined or real.


If you dont wear the right clothing and you are exposed to the cold while riding offcourse your health shall be affected in the long run.

I think the two wheels are enough of a health risk.

That cold wind/air if you’re not appropriately dressed ain’t good for your lungs. Plus the exposure to emissions from unroadworthy vehicles as well as the real risk of injury in case of an accident.

There’s also the small matter of blood circulation around the family jewels.

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The problem with motorbikes is that even when you wear enough clothing and cold air cant get through, the cold seeps through by cooling the fabric and the helmet to below zero especially on long rides. You dont realise it with this kind of cold and you only find out by developing weird diseases like pain from rheumatoid arthritis, bronchitis, lung complications due to cold and particle inhalation etc.

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There are these super safe gear but they go for around $6500 and I think most people wouldn’t spend that amount on a gear. One thing i learnt in a safety class is that our bodies evolved to travel no faster than 25mph and even at that speed our organs and bones can’t handle the forces on their own… Another thing is that helmets have a lifetime of five years from the date of manufacture something that most riders don’t know And always wear gear according to your size; never wear a size up.

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