Health Insurance

Could there be anyone in this forum with a list of many if not all insurance companies that offer Insurance cover. interested in what they offer and probably the package cost i.e.

Saidia tafadhali

While at it, somebody give me their experience with NHIF supa cover so that i see if i can try it on jan

It’s pegged on age

health insurance is just a scam in kenya…kama ya garii which is just plastic and metal and has undergone valuation from an independent assesor huwa wanasumbua kama fucken what about hospital bills which can be inflated easily? si watakupiga stick mbaya na waruke claim? my 30s

Jaribu resolution its the best

there you go

Thank you.

Does it mean if I want all the covers I have to sum up amount e.g Inpatient + Outpatient + Maternity + Dental for both principal and Spouse?


There’s also this.

Ikuje ikiwa card Sim

Make sure you read the fine print keenly

You are dead

Jubilee Insurance is the best in medical insurance nationally

I am almost absolutely sure that you will never find someone on this forum that could give you a list of many if not all insurance companies that offer insurance cover because the answer to this question can know only a professional in this field. I know a person who can help you, but as I have no right to give you her phone contact without her permission, I decided to give you the address of her site, where you can also find reliable information about this subject. If you are still interested, you can check it by clicking MedicareFAQ. I hope you will find this information helpful.

Yes, nowadays is really difficult to know everything about healthcare insurances and companies that offer these insurances as the things evolve and changes so fast.