Wadau it’s vepe, there was a thread some time back on the various health cover especially NHIF, some extentive info regarding such was emensely shared by the likes of @Okiya and the rest. Can someone kindly share the link. Sande. Wekeni Paybill niwashike Mercurated coffee.

executive cover ya NHIF ni meffi

Gani nipoa ile ya modest mbirrionair

for me its APA… but ofcourse unalipa ile nhif ya kawa pia

Ngapi hii?

Swafi mdau, if I may ask how much is the premimium or rather if u can send me the link or paste the details here will highly appreciate. Halafu do u have a cover with them. Shukran … ingia hapa alafu i connect you with my acc manager…i ll inbox you the contacts and they will bring the info to you like a boss!!!

Dont waste your money with Kenyan health insurance. They will abandon you at your time of need. They never fail to disappoint. Ukitaka vizuri save pesa yako mzuuuri kwa matress account for you and your family if you cant sneak your way into the NHIF comprehensive cover. Ata new groups joining zimesimamishwa. That is the only cover unaweza lala bila wasi wasi. Kataa kuniskia utajua hujui,utalia kwa choo.
Or better, if your company has a health cover for its staff instead of renewing this rubbish health covers, they need to approach nhif to get this cover. And it’s way cheaper. Lakini be prepared for a fight na watu wa HR. Hapo ndio wanakulia

I’ll check the NHIF comprehensive cover. Hope they are still accepting new entries. Do you have more details pertaining NHIF comprehensive cover?

Sande Omwami

Congratulations, when is she due. Pia ujue watu Wa Insurance wanajua kuhesabu pregnancy dates better than anyone. They can even tell you which day ulijazana. So make sure if its was meant for maternity payment then you took it at least 3 months before the faithful day. Lastly I’m looking for you. Kuna kijana who needs some supplies.

Mdau niko area.she’s not pregnant at the moment just want a modest health cover for the fam.
Biz ni gani tuchangamkie.

Let me ask for the full specifications then I send it to your Inbox

Are you sensing danger,okay go Britam. They cover fraudsters too

OK bro. Thanks

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