Viongizi just broken up with my gal of about 2 yrs, things were serious btn us but i saw it coming so didnt hit me so hard .
How long am i supposed to stay before moving to my next serious relationship despite the fact that mm hata nikiwa kwa rela lazma nicheze kama mm when my girl is not around na madem wengine ama kuingia maeneo ya kuchange oil???.
But shit still hard to take bt i will Be Great Again!

Concentrate on your studies kijana. Na uache upuzi, maisha si rahisi.

nyonga na deep heat

Enda good hope ukule lanye mzee

As u are asking this stupid question, your beloved girlfriend is already spreading her thighs and exposing her clit to @Tom Bayeye . Mea akili kijanaa

Madness is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Heal quickly get into another relationship with all ur mind and heart like the fool you are get heartbrocken again and again till you grow balls.

Maliza KCSE kwanza alafu utadeal na hizi story later.

These should be your course of action [ATTACH=full]343756[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]343757[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]343757[/ATTACH]

You should have at least two relationships running concurrently. You can do it without falling in love.

ati you fck your own relatives ?

You are just a stupid boy