Headphones Not in Playback Devices

When I plug my headphones in the sound comes through my speakers and my headphones. I went to playback devices and my headphones are not even in it. Also awhile ago my sound stopped working and I had to uninstall and reinstall the audio driver, just about a week ago my sound got significantly softer but still comes through the headphones just fine but also comes through the speakers at the same time a lot quieter. I have an HP Notebook PC with windows 10.

Khasia kwani hujipendi. Mbona uaribu maskio na hakuna spare parts.

do you see the bear, fear it, and then run, or do you see the bear, run, and then fear it?

some computers have inbuilt sound hardware problems.

Kama headphone sio default basi unaeza pata hiyo. Enda kwa sauti utick headphone kaa default.

You can refer to some solutions for Headphones problems- https://appuals.com/how-to-fix-headphones-not-showing-up-in-playback-devices-on-windows-10/