Head starts in life

This weekend we had a get together with my old high school friends. Manze si tuli feel peasant ile mbaya. The friend that invited us has already made it in life. I mean like seriously balling. Turns out dudes family were into real estate and they basically deal in selling and renting these fancy properties located in rich neighbourhoods. They own around 20 properties and he’s basically the one managing them since his Dad is out of the country. Sasa unapata obviously not all the properties are occupied so my man spends his year living in one bungalow hadi tenant apatikane then moving to the next fancy house. Shitttttt mungeona these houses.
Siezi post mbicha as these are private property na naeza mulikwa. We spent the entire weekend playing PS4 na other upuzi. Anyways nimekuwa na a much broader perspective in life. Lazima I make it. I am not jealous but I WANT that life.

aint no harm in that.

I know how it feels, kuna boy wangu ame-inherit multi-billion estate from his grandfather, boy hajafika hata 35, maisha yake ulaya siku hizi, but uzuri hajakuwa mchoyo na hajanisahau.

Hii dunia haitambui mtu

kila mtu ataenda kwa saitan ama mungu bila hizo mali .


More like jealous people proverb…
Ati yote ni vanity… Lol!!

hivo ndio Akothee huambiwa kila siku

After we parted ways most of my high-school classmates seemed to have moved with lightening speed in life. I used to be envious. I’m getting settled in the comfort level so I am not envious anymore. I got here through sheer hard work so I’m proud of what I’ve done

Opposite ya headstart ni gani juu naonanga kama nilizaliwa na deni manze. Still playing catch-up. I am happy for good health, a roof over my head and food for my stomach. However, I need some big cash soon to escape hii rat-race. I just feel that life has handed me the wrong set of cards lately, but I wont bitch about it because I am working on rectifying the situation.

:):):slight_smile: ati ulizaliwa na deni hehe
most of us wenye tulizaliwa in the 80s and 90s are going to have it really rough esp watu ya western na nyanza. Some of us had parents who were in the civil service and other government jobs but most didn’t really invest…what they call investment is two or three acres kule kitale after years of work…alafu they ended up with another wife or two. Yes they claim they took us to school but if you look at current dynamics/inflation then you will realise that if your parents didn’t invest in long term projects in the 80s and 90s then you really are starting life at a big disadvantage…you have to do all the heavy lifting alone and from scratch. Luckily we are now learning and taking bigger risks than they did…makosa ilitendeka lakini lazima tuyakosoe

Ata si wa central Maisha vile vile… though we can’t really blame our parents especially if they took the trouble to educate us… I have seen guys wameachiwa Mali mob but all they do is destroy it

you, Sir, already have a headstart; a big one which is that your parents took you to school, i presume, to university level. how many of your agemates dropped off at class 8, form four? it’s like you do not appreciate that civil service salaries then were not what they are today. they took you to school to give you a chance for a better life than they had. it’s now your chance to ensure the next generation has a better quality of life.


tafakari hii kwa makini,what would be your friend’s occupation if it wasn’t for the headstart? i have a friend who’se father is a bazillionair but him and the siblings work their damn a$$es off and are doing quite well,one is actually on the same pedestal as the father,they’ve sworn never to get handouts from him…ever.i guess the father is a stingy mofo,but that’s besides the point

Kuna jamaa beste yangu the mother is avery senior goverment official, so unajua pesa ya hongo huwezi tumiwa na mpesa ama bank.jamaa ile pesa mamake amepokea hongo ndiye huwa anaweka ikiwa cash.the mother amebuy hao side za mombasa road no one lives there,boy amerent hao ya 20k pale trm.mamake hukuja once or twice a month anaingia na kitu 200k to 500k…boy lazima agawe zake like 100k to 200k depending na amount. Saa zingine driver wa mother anatumwa apelekee boy…kibeti. boy ako na auris, demio na vanguard sport.jamaa tukiingia pub ni ananiuliza karzai hapa ni whisky gani hujawahi kunywa. Pesa ikichelewa anapigia afilthy rich uncle ati namesake anatupiwa miti kumi pap. karzai hapa naye anapanda ovacado na macadamia za kula akizeeka …lanes

Pesa huisha… Mwambie awache ufala a invest hiyo doo. He needs to do something for himself ta kama ni kuuza mutura

Peasant proverb

Yeah hapo siwes pinga. Like my old man had a chance to cop a plot that during my childhood huko ma '94 was going for 40k but he was slow. Saa hii some kamba family friend has it and anajinice. I promise myself and my kids, I will be more aggressive in investments. Before nilambe murram, I must grab investments by all means necessary

:D:D:D:D chieth hii emoji ya kucheka iko down sana @admin

Ati private property… villagers wanshinda wakipost Coomer za tuschana hapa na ni private parts bila disclaimer na wewe unatuambia upussy

To the boy child;
Kama baba yako alizubaa make sure you ‘correct’ that situation. Your role in life is to provide for your kids uwaachie KAKITU na uwasomeshe ndio hiyo KAKITU ikuwe multiplied