He swings like a monkey in a Cop stn entrance & yet wants 2 be SONU chair


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goon kabisa

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Huyu msee ako desperate aje? Nadhani anasota. If he were a clever guy, he would have managed his cash well and vied for some senatorial or Mp seat. Kushinda kupigana na watoi wa UoN all time siku moja utaaibishwa tu.

Alafu ulimwona kwa NTV accusing his opponent ati ndio goon

Kuwa Student leader inapesa brassa especially during Election time. Politicians give u serious money to organize students to support them…usicheze na hio kiti ya SONU

Lakini UoN ni ya a majority of young people. You cant be there forever(They will get fed up with you). Si this guy is pursuing a second degree so that he can keep on at the university to retain the seat? I also dont think its soo much about politicians giving him money, but about using the student organisation to sanction and support corruption at the university. Universities are big money because the government sponsors every JAB student and pays alot of money for them every semester(From around 80k to hundreds of thousands per student depending on the course) + Expensive parrallel courses. This is usually hidden from the students and its never mentioned. At the campus where I was studying even fourth and fifth year students didnt know that the government pays a far greater proportion of their fees than they(students) did. They didnt even know government shelled out money for them other than HELB. Ata some graduates, if not majority, dont know the tax payer paid most of their fees.

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Haiya even me i was not aware. umenichanua leo

If you are paying 20k and a parrallel student is paying 120k. substract: the govermnment pays close to all the rest of the money. However, students keep on striking on issues of HELB and forget to scrutinize accountability for the rest of the money.

Correction, the tax payer pays close to all the rest of the money.The only money that’s put to good use, otherwise it would have been stolen through corruption.

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I have already noted tax payer pays the rest of the money. However, you really believe the money is ever put to good use? If it were, our universities would be equivalents of MIT and Harvard. We invest so much in them but we are churning out zombies from them. An If you didnt know, most of the money is used to build monstrous castles, buy flashy buses, and do other stupid things to attract parallel students who bring in more money. Most of the money is tolen anyway. Universities have made billionares. There is gross underinvestment in training itself. Ask people who have recently been at school.

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ati iyo gun alisema ni PhotoShop

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Last semester yote nilienda class ten times pekee. 4 were to collect my work

hizo zingine 6 ni games :smiley:

I do not think one is allowed to be a student leader if you are a postgraduate student. most likely he did not graduate

Kazi ni kucheck notes za classmates? Hehe.

Si labda anado bachelors degree ingine afresh. His opponent pia ako na degree ya kwanza lakini ako in second year for another one.


Nope. Deflowering your lasses

He got a first class in actuarial science

In my class we don’t write. We draw or work on our pc’s

He got a first class in actuarial science n graduated. He came back for a law degree