So I faced this challenge in my previous post when I purchased the DAV 650 HTS. @Wafs provided a solution but unfortunately my TCL TV doesn’t have HDMI ARC capability. I have a laptop which obviously, sad to say, only has analog sound output through the 3.5mm Jack meaning I’m not able to enjoy the surround sound 5.1.
So I have been looking for remedies and came across external USB sound cards that have optical out but from the reviews I could tell they aren’t that reliable.
I looked further and came across the subject, HDMI audio splitter that extracts uncompressed digital sounds from the hdmi source and u can pass through video to your TV or monitor and the extracted sound, stereo (through RCA L/R) and 5.1 via the optical cable.
I’ve seen a couple on the amazon, Aliexpress & the jumia global platform. Problem is, there seems to be no local retailer for the product. Here is one of the many extractors.

If you know of any local seller I’d appreciate to cancel out waiting time.


Vitu zingine itabidi ujipange na shipping…

does this hdmi audio extractor allows me to connect HDMI to RCA converters ?

Please expound

Just import it. You will probably find it locally at a price alot more than buying abroad plus shipping.

I imported through AliExpress and worked with it until I got an LG smart TV that has ARC and optical that has declared it redundant. Up on sale

I guess there are converters even for old tvs

Yeah, you’re right. I’ve ordered one for my old TV . I’ve purchased Tendak HDMI2AV and it’s perfect choice for my oldie. I discovered it due to the article describing best HDMI to RCA converters. What impressed me the most that they have a guide there and all necessary info on every product. I’ve chosen this one as it’s written that it matches even old tvs and it’s easy to operate. Nice purchase! Advise you to check this article.

Just use KODI player on your laptop. It actually sends 5.1 audio from laptop to TV direct to the hometheater. I had the same problem but kodi solved it.

Laptop may indicate that the audio device is 2.0 channel only but it actually sends the 5.1 audio if you use a good player like kodi. Try this one and thank me later