HBO Max 2021 same day release lineup - Netflixers on suicide watch

:D:D:D:D:D ati Neflix subscribers on suicide watch

So then how will Warner Bros mofo be making profits? Wiĺl it be possible to avhieve 2 billie + grossing on movies under the same arrangement??

Honestly most movies za siku hizi hazina hype. HBOmax will not beat netflix anytime soon. Hawa watu watakauka for a longtime.

The movie industry has a bleak future

Not anytime soon, the landscape is just shifting as does many industries

Mortal Kombat out in April and still no trailer…

You already know it’s going to be a giant turd, movies based off of video games are always a recipe for disaster

Yeah… Kinda expected. Question is how bad.

The more options the faster streaming services will die… piracy is the future, all shows and movies in one place and no subscription

Yeah… These Subscription Services are digging their own graves… It is now way easier to pirate than subscribe to 10 Streaming Services with their Geographical Restriction Bullshit

Naija movie industry watengeneze netflix yao pia tusiwachwe nyuma

Iko inaitwa iROKOtv

Ongeza Hollywood feminism where they are afraid to show women struggling in action movies.
This movie should have been made before Trump became president. Back then they created a great mortal kombat mini series.


Judging by the reception that Zack Snyder’s Justice League’s cut got, it’s safe to say that Netflix should watch out. Disney has already brought in a whole lotta subscribers through the WandaVision and The Mandalorian series. The death of theaters is in the horizon. Everybody learned from Nokia. Sisi watu wa torrents ni furaha tele, same day releases.

Funny thing is Disney is already killing itself by engaging in idiotic identity politics. Hio drama ya Gina carano has led to many fans down voting starwars videos on youtube and many others saying they have left disney+.
WB another company full of idiots wamesema hawataki snyderverse, they are now calling us snydercut fans toxic.
But time will tell if these companies will pass netflix.

Yeah I read about the same today. But these wrangles are just for a while, future releases will outshadow the samw and then in a couple of years we get to see who wins. WB walo na umeffi, I fail to understand how demanding for a better done film is toxicity.

There are some ppl in these studios who are obsessed with ideologies, that’s why we are called white supremacists or toxic fans because we prefer normal movies while they want movies full of feminism and lgbtq themes which perform poorly in the market.