it’s very dangerous to fight a cornered snake… kesho itakua a good Election day. peaceful and smooth. may the best candidate win

If you see a snake, kill it, don’t appoint a committee on snakes.

wacha katambe *strapping on my Gideon boots and my khaki suit

Who are you going to war with?

who talked about war?
tuonane, I have a busy day ahead

going to vote?

Another duologue

From a prime minister to an opposition leader to a rebel movement leader in the Luo enclave of Nyanza. Babuon’s legacy is unraveling at an alarming rate in reverse.

I believe fat people have the lowest IQ… yaani huoni unanona? na bado unakula mtura you?

Bonoko prime minister, where innocent lives had to die and property destroyed to give negotiation power. Now who in future will believe his lies of stolen victory. His recent actions has revealed he was behind all the political violence of 1982 and 2007 as well.

Kuwa mpole jomba