Hawkers Fight In Eldoret



Wanaume si wamee

Ala. I thought Kikuyus and Kalenjins forgave each other o_O

This kind of reporting just spreads tribalism …why not say something else maybe they are just rival traders

The same fight reported yesterday or a new one.

The only Riak we recognize is the greatest rapper ever.


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It is not the first time. Remember Kitengela riots?

If they fought they fought

What else do you expect a tribalist to report? Itabidi umzoee

Sema mills working around the clock to create cracks along ethnic lines…ati kikuyus fighting luos in njoro ati kikuyus fighting kalenjins in eldoret kesho ni kikuyus fighting waturukana huko ngamia 1

I thought only CORD supporters throw stones and spoil things???

shaky peace deals crafted by wenye nchi without involving the wananchi, will never hold

Haha nimefuata hiyo rink hadi Youtube ili nisome comments lakini nikapata ziko disabled. The comment section of this video would have been waaaaay more entertainin.

– but if you can’t be a part of the solution, then you are the problem.

You can do better than this man.

I agree with the notion because the choice of words is outrageous and inciteful


Jakoyo news network likes reporting this kind of stories…don’t know why.

destroying and throwing stones is a sport to cordomite